Collective Water Prayer

Love in action.

Working with water is a beautiful path and I am grateful to share this journey with a global community.

Throughout the last years I have witnessed the magic of Water Rituals and Water Gatherings in many forms. It is a powerful way of re / connecting with oneself and nature's essence, as well as creating healthy relations in communities and ecosystems.

These gatherings work as a meeting point for science, art and spiritual work, allowing us to move deeper into a world of synthesis.

I am happy to walk this path forming part of Mujer Canal de Luzan international network of water prayers.

Mujer Canal de Luz is an answer to a call from nature, a platform of knowledge and ancestral wisdom.

The video is from the MCL gathering 2020 in Chile, the next one will be October 2021 in Brasil.

For more information, visit Mujer Canal de Luz.

Water is Life.