Why cultivate artistic circles? 






To me ~ art is our universal language, it is nourishment, it is the school in which we are both teacher and student; it is the altar that holds the essence of creative consciousness.

In a moment of collective reconstruction we are invited to create a new global narrative.

A vibrant narrative which is woven by the beauty of diversity.

To dive into the creative flow implies an act of curiosity, opening and - through connection with something yet unkown - an expansion.

It is this dynamic triangle that can open us towards change and innovation, bringing us closer and closer into harmony with our core. 

Being in harmony with our self, we can create this harmony with each other and nature.

To me ~ creating is a path of growth, it carries the sweet nectar of wisdom, it is the ray of light that allows us to see and know one another.

In this new collective narrative, I want to open a space for us to explore our unique perspective, to connect with what lies at our core and let it merge into existence. I believe in a deep interconnectedness and that everyone has a gift to share. By supporting each other to see and unravel our gifts, humanity (and earth) can flourish.

In an intimate, playful setting we can inspire and reflect each other, allowing us to connect with the fountain of poetry and talent that lies at our core and then - put it into action. 

Nourished by beauty and inspired by the unknown, it is the sum of all voices that can tell the story of a collective rebirth.

© 2020 Stella Ismene

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