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S a c r e d
S p a c e s

Sacred Spaces is an interdisciplinary art project by María Torres and Stella Ismene, that combines painting, ritual and installation,

creating contemporary temples and altars. 


Sacred Spaces is in service to the regeneration and alignment of society,

as we strive for new and sustainable ways

to live in harmony with nature and each other.

Rooted in meditation, the creative act that arises is not a subject-object relation, but a living co-creation with the present energies and materials of each given place.

In this way Sacred Spaces anchors the subtle realms of existence in matter,-

creating multidimensional spaces for a multidimensional humanity.

As a collaborative entity, Sacred Spaces is in its nature open to the presence of further artesans, poets, architects, scientists, musicians (etc) as collaborators.

For proposals and further information, write here.

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