These sessions are dedicated to the blossoming of body, mind and soul.

It is a space of alignment, integration and discovery. 

The beauty you can see in nature is an expression of a harmonious flow of energy. 

For our heart, mind and body to be free and healthy, we need to release whatever is blocking their unique flow.

This can be limiting belief structures, energetic weight from our family system, our relations or the collective; social conditioning, environmental pollution, suppressed emotions, thoughts and actions, and the list goes on. 

Throughout our life it can happen that we leave parts of us in the past, leading us to have lower vitality and clarity. This can happen through relationships, traumata, unrealised projects.. - in this space we integrate these parts, bringing the wholeness of you into the now. 

Liberating ourselves from these constraints and aligning with our center, we permit our inherent gifts and wisdom to unfold. 

Readings are available in English, Spanish or German.

For individuals, partners, projects and territories. 

Presential or via facetime/skype. 

For more information and booking:

Soul Reading

communication with the inner teacher

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