Dedicated to the blossoming of body, mind and soul.

This is a space of alignment, integration and guidance.  

For our heart, mind and body to be radiant and healthy, we need to release whatever is blocking their unique flow.

In these sessions we allow your intelligent system to align with it's natural state of harmony - allowing your inner guidance, your vitality and gifts to expand. 

The sessions take place in an intimate setting and according to the individual needs may hold space for: 

- energetic cleansing

- reprogramming of limiting belief structures 

- unblocking of the electromagnetic field

- retrieval of fragmented parts (childhood trauma, etc.) 

- accessing the soul's heritage

- communication with spiritual teachers 

- harmonisation & alignment 


The reading takes about 70 minutes.

It is recorded and will be sent afterwords. 

Available in English, Spanish or German.

Presential or via facetime/zoom.

Soul Reading 

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