Meditative Art 

Exploring fields of consciousness through art and meditation.   


In this series of workshops I invite you to take a walk through your inner landscapes.

If you wish to (re)align with your individual flow of creation or to continue on your creative journey - this space is for you.

Each workshop is composed of a scientific base, guided meditation and artistic practices that allow us to explore our unique perspective.

Through different techniques we access our fountain of inner wisdom, remembering how to draw inspiration & nourishment from its rich gardens.

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Fertility & Creative Flow

How do I enter into a state of receptivity? How can I align my sexual and creative energy?

In this workshop we tap into the cyclic nature of the creative force, studying its mysteries through meditation, art and sensual experience. We release blockages and limiting structures from our system, allowing us to enter into a fertil state of being.

- The cyclic nature of creation

- Unblocking of the creative flow

- Connection with the individual cycles 

- The alchemy of sexual energy

- Fertility & inspiration






The Dream State & Lucid Art

Can art help us to become more lucid? How can we use the unconscious as a pool of inspiration? 

In this meditative workshop we learn a series of techniques that help us to connect our different states of consciousness, - allowing us to receive guidance and inspiration from our deeper self. 

- The language of the unconscious 

- Creating our own vocabulary 

- Meditative Dream Journey

- Collage Work

- Unification 

There is a preparation period of seven days, more infos beforehand.

Colour & Vision

What is my personal vision? How can i create my own colour language? How can I use colour as nourishment?

We will study colour through the eyes of culture and science, and learn about the different expressions of colour in time. Through meditative art practices, we explore our individual relation with colour and the many uses that come with it. Opening the doors to our inner world, we connect with our personal vision, using art to cristalise and strenghen it. 

- Colour from a cultural & scientific perspective

- Colour through the lense of time

- Game of Synesthesia

- Art as a path for collective consciousness

- Unblocking & alignment with the creative flow

- Personal vision

© 2020 Stella Ismene

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