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Gama & Meru

El cuento de Luó

El cuento de luó is a ritualistic storytelling that brings audiovisual installations to a dance environment. The narrative oscillates between figurative and abstract, communicating with the creative self.

Each of the multimedia instruments is associated to a storyline and together with performance and the liveset of Gama, they create a space that can be experienced through one’s movement.


Up until a few generations ago storytelling used to be an essential part of each culture, being the magical glue that forms belonging for the people. However, through the swirl wind of transformations this art was overcast, laying to rest this archetypal guidance and it’s examples of the creative potential that lies within our worlds.

Nonetheless, in a moment of shifting patterns, climate and identities, there blossoms the freedom of painting new constellations. With playful compositions between the soundscapes of Gama, and the visual work of Stella Ismene, they explore the realm of storytelling through audiovisual instruments which open spaces for the self to be explored.

These instruments are visual compositions sonorized by a collection of recordings of the creative process itself, triggered by movement. Each of them is connected to a line of storytelling illustrated by abstract atmospheres, leaving a mystery which can be explored through imagination. 

Ambient concert (Marémar)

In this piece Gama and Meru focus on the exploration of storytelling trough evolving atmospheres.
Tales, soundscapes and their Installations are used to dissipate and concentrate attention. A loose narrative is created by improvisation between a varied palette of recordings, spacious loops of Egyptian harp and synthesised sounds.


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