Coaching, Consultancy and Creative Research


Our essence is home.

Our evolution is the journey.

This work is based on a meditative practice, allowing an open communication within the intelligent system of which we form part. Thus we can access expanded perspectives that hold key information for our evolution.

This space is in service to your unique creative essence and

the flowering of your evolutionary path.

Let's open the doors of perception.

Sticks and Stones

Individual Session

- 70 min -

Are you looking for guidance or energetic support?

Do you want to embody your soul's purpose?

In this session you will receive a general reading of your energy field, offering you relevant information for your evolutionary path.

It is a space of energetic cleansing, de-conditioning, soul embodiment, alignment and guidance. 

Partner Session

- 90 min -

Are you looking for guidance or transformation in your relationship?

This session is for couples, that live their relationship as evolutionary path and want to support their journey.

You will both receive an individual transmission, afterwords we will work in the shared auric field.

It is a space of cleansing, liberation of limiting structures, the exploration of shared purpose and guidance. 

Business Session

90 min

Are you seeking for holistic assessment or advisory?

Is your project/business ready for a next step?

Every business has its own energetic structure.

This work offers an energetic reading and scan for the business, supporting the radiant manifestation of its purpose. It is a space to receive detailed guidance, as well as clearings of the energy systems and integration of new operating forms.

Group Session

1 - 2 hours

Do you want to deepen the understanding of the relationship network and the shared purpose?

Or is it time to honour a special occasion?

The Essence & Evolution Group work can be adapted to many spaces - for retreats, families, study or work groups.

We open a space to receive relevant information to support the purpose of the group. This can be guidance, clearings, as well as graduations and celebrations.


Do you want to learn how to access the intelligent network of nature?

Do you want tools work with your energy or re-program your own subconscious?

I offer classes, in which you will learn the principles and basic techniques of Essence & Evolution.

You will receive detailed pathways to consciously access your inner being and the subtle planes of nature.

These tools are here to support you - to walk your evolutionary journey with ease, abundance and joy.

For more information and bookings,

contact here.

Sessions are available in english, spanish and german.

​Online and presential.

After the session you will receive a recording to further integrate and re-listen.